Authors / EI-indexed publication by Springer Nature

Good news! Extended abstracts are EI indexed (3-4 page) and will be published by Springer Nature as the book series after review. Oral/poster papers are specially WELCOMED!


Please follow the template to prepare and submit the extended abstract under your account. When you fill the submission form, add “EA:” to your paper title.

Example: If your paper title is “Microfluidic biochips”, you put “EA: Microfluidic biochips” as the title in the submission form.


  • Only reviewed and accepted abstracts are allowed to submit the extended abstracts.
  • Each extended abstract has the page limit of 3 – 4 pages.
  • In the WORD file of the extended abstract, just use the right title (e.g., do not add “EA:”).
  • The 1-page abstract is still necessary for the conference proceedings. Here the extended abstract is for the EI-indexed publications. They are for different purpose.
  • Use Office 2010, Office 365 or newer versions to open the template.
  • The extended abstract should be significantly different from the abstract, e.g., title, contents, figures, research focus, etc.
  • The extended abstract can be submitted after the conference till Nov 2019.



好消息!会议接收文章的扩展摘要(3到4页)经评审后将被EI索引,由Springer Nature出版为书籍系列。特别欢迎提交口头/海报论文!


请按照模板准备扩展摘要,并提交在您的帐户下。填写提交表格的时候,请在论文标题中添加“EA:”。示例:如果您的论文题目是“Microfluidic biochips”,则在提交表单中将“EA:Microfluidic biochips”作为标题。


  • 只有经过审核和接受的摘要才被允许提交扩展摘要。
  • 扩展摘要一定要3到4页。
  • 在扩展摘要的WORD文件中,只需使用正确的标题(即,不要添加“EA:”)。
  • 仍需要您提交1页的摘要,以用于会议文集。扩展摘要将用于EI索引的出版物。两者目的不同。当然您也可以选择不提交扩展摘要。
  • 扩展摘要应与摘要有很大不同,例如在标题、内容、图表、技术重点等。
  • 使用Office 2010,Office 365或更新版本打开模板。
  • 扩展摘要可在会议结束后提交至2019年11月。