Symposium / Sym6: Optical Microcavity

             Qinghai SONG / Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) , China


             Cheng WANG / The City University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong

             Yunfeng XIAO / Peking University , China



Optical microcavity is a multidisciplinary research area combining photonics, physics, and others. Till now, optical microcavities have been widely utilized a large number of areas, including biosensing, microlasers, optical interconnect, and nonlinear optics etc. This special topic session will explore the emerging opportunities of optical microcavities by including new physics, new materials, and new functions.
The topics of this session include but are not limited to

  • Optical microcavity sensors,
  • Microlasers
  • On-chip integrated photonic circuits
  • Parity-time symmetric microcavities
  • Coupled cavities and Topological photonics
  • Mode interactions and mode control in optical microcavities
  • Nonlinear phenomena in high Q microcavities
  • Quantum optics in high Q microcavities
Keynote Speakers:
Yunfeng Xiao

Yunfeng Xiao / Peking University , China

Yongzhen Huang

Yongzhen Huang / Institute of Semiconductor , China

Ya Cheng

Ya Cheng / Shanghai institute of optical machinery,
Chinese academy of sciences , China


Lin Yang / Institute of Semiconductor , China

Limin Tong

Limin Tong / Zhejiang University , China

Huailiang Xu

Huailiang Xu / Jilin University , China


Chunhua Dong / University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Invited speaker:
  1. Guichuan Xing / University of Macau, Macau
  2. Renmin Ma / Peking University
  3. Cheng Wang / City University of Hong kong, Hong Kong
  4. Xiang Wu / FuDan University , China
  5. Rui Chen / Southern university of science and technology
  6. Xiaoshun Jiang / Nanjing University
  7. Qing Zhang / Peking University
  8. Zhaoyu Zhang / Chinese University of Hongkong (Shenzhen)
  9. Yue Wang / Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  10. Yi Xu / Jinan University
  11. Fang Bo / Nankai University
  12. Wenfu Zhang / Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese academy of sciences
  13. Yuede Yang / Institute of Semiconductor
  14. Yongchun Liu / Tsinghua University,China
  15. Xinfeng Liu / National center for nanoscience and technology
  16. Sai Chu
  17. Xin Gai
  18. Beibei Li
  19. Xuetao Gan
  20. Wei Fang
  21. Fuxing Gu
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