Symposium / Sym8: 2D Materials based Photonics

              Han ZHANG / Shenzhen University , China



             Yupeng Zhang / Shenzhen University , China

             Bing WANG / Shenzhen University , China


The topics of this session include but are not limited to
· Photodetector of 2D materials
· Tunable circular dichroism of 2D materials
· Quantum properties of 2D materials
· Metasurface of TMDC monolayer
· Optical absorber of 2D materials
· Transistor of 2D materials

Keynote Speakers:
Cheng-Wei Qiu

Cheng-Wei Qiu / National University of Singapore, Singapore

Invited speaker:
  1. Wang bing  / Shenzhen University, China
  2. Yu Ye / Peking University, China
  3. Leslie Yeo    / Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  4. Chengbo Mou / Shanghai University , China
  5. Changyong Lan / University of Electronic Science and Technology of China , China
  6. Kai Wang / Sourthern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen , China
  7. Xiaolong Chen / Southern University of Science and Technology , China
  8. Zhi-Chao Luo / South China Normal University , China
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