Attendees / Visa/Immigration

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Hong Kong has a liberal visa policy that allows visa free entries (for periods of seven days to six months) to nationals of more than 170 countries. Those who do require visas should apply at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. It is advisable to apply for a visa at least six weeks before the journey. For country-specific visa information, please visit


All visitors entering Hong Kong must go through customs clearance and declare any dutiable commodities exceeding duty-free quotas. Learn more about dutiable commodities and the latest duty-free concessions.

Points to note:

  • Import and export of commonly found prohibited / controlled items including dangerous drugs, arms, weapons, animals, plants, endangered species, meat and poultry is governed by Hong Kong’s laws.
  • Any import or export of these items must be accompanied by a valid licence, permit or certification issued in advance by the relevant authorities, unless exempted by law.
  • While legal in some countries, various personal protection devices, such as ‘mace’ spray and stun gun, are prohibited in Hong Kong.
  • Effective from 16 July 2018, persons entering or leaving Hong Kong are required to declare or disclose the possession of currency or bearer negotiable instruments totalling more than HK$120,000 to the Customs and Excise Department.

For further details, please visit the Customs and Excise Department website. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please follow the guidelines set by Hong Kong International Airport.